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Questions to Ask Before starting an Elder Care Franchise

Home health care business opportunities are plentiful in the UK. This is because the sector is growing rapidly due to an ageing population, high demand for the services, the convenience they offer and the potential for growth. If you are considering a new business opportunity and you would like to start a home

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Why Is Senior Home Care the Fastest Growing Industry?

If you are looking for a business opportunity, it’s always advisable to invest wisely in a sector that’s growing and that is expected to see extended growth over the long term. The senior home care sector is one example of a fast-growing industry and it’s worth exploring it as an option for your

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Starting Care franchise in the UK

Steps for creating a successful home care business plan

Starting a home health agency is an exciting time in your life. The sector is highly lucrative and by choosing to purchase a franchise business, you’re well on your way to achieving personal and professional success. And the work will be highly rewarding, too. However, as will all business types, you need to

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Things to ask a franchisee

Things to Consider Before Buying a Senior Care Franchise

Because of its highly lucrative nature, you may have given a lot of thought to starting a senior care business. This is a multi-billion pound industry that’s continuously growing and this is not expected to stop anytime soon. While the financial prospects are certainly appealing, you need to consider the whole picture before

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How profitable is a home care business?

Research shows that the UK population is ageing. The number of 65+ year olds is going to rise significantly by 2035 while the number of dementia patients is expected to reach over one million over the same period. In fact, it’s even believed that by 2051 this figure is expected to double. This

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Home Health Care Franchise vs. Independent Agency

With the UK’s growing ageing population which is estimated to reach millions of people in the next couple of years, home care has never been more important. The industry is booming owing to high demand for quality care services and this demand has led to the establishment of various independent agencies as well

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Reasons to Own a Home Care Franchise

“Should I buy a home care franchise?” is perhaps a question that you’ve been asking yourself for some time. You may have already done some research on the topic of starting a home care business only to realise that a franchise is a much more effective way of launching your business as opposed

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Are senior care franchises worth it?

Senior care franchises are on the rise in the industry and there’s a good reason for this. They offer franchisees a cornucopia of benefits that few other franchise opportunities provide. A home care franchise is a service that’s typically provided to senior citizens by non-medical staff in the comfort of their own homes.

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What qualifications do I need to start a care agency?

Starting a care business is an exciting time of your life. You’ll be in a win-win situation because as you work towards getting high returns on your investment (ROI), you’ll also be doing a public service by helping the frail and elderly live comfortable, fulfilling lives in the comfort of their own homes.

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non-medical in-home care

How to start a non-medical home health care business

Demographics in the UK are pointing towards a trend of increased people over the age of 60. In addition to this, more, if not most, of these individuals are preferring to enjoy the comfort and convenience of familiar surroundings in their own home as opposed to moving to nursing or residential care homes.

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