Reasons to Own a Home Care Franchise

starting a home care business in the united kingdom
“Should I buy a home care franchise?” is perhaps a question that you’ve been asking yourself for some time. You may have already done some research on the topic of starting a home care business only to realise that a franchise is a much more effective way of launching your business as opposed to creating a start-up from scratch. Yes, there are many reasons to own a home care franchise and this post explores a few of them. Let’s take a closer look. 


Benefits of starting a home care business

If you’re still undecided or remain on the fence, the following 10 reasons should give you that extra bit of encouragement to help you get started and make the right choice for you.

High demand and a thriving industry: Research shows that the number of seniors who need care will increase by nearly a quarter of a million by 2035. This is quite a large population number and the industry is expected to continue thriving. There’s also high demand for senior home care franchise services because the number of people who would like to remain in the comfort of their own homes is steadily increasing. Moving to an assisted living facility comes with its own share of stress and unfamiliar surroundings. And a home care assistant can help address some of the challenges that arise as one ages and as certain tasks around the home become more difficult to manage.

You’re helping the community: For people with big hearts who like to be involved in their communities, a home care franchise is the best bet for you. As someone who will be providing care services in many people’s homes, you’ll get to be a part of the community and experience their ups and downs and share moments of joy together.

It’s personally rewarding: As a result of what was mentioned above, you will get to enjoy the personal satisfaction that comes with a strong relationship being built, rapport being created, smooth daily operations and the knowledge that you’ve served the seniors in your community to the best of your ability.

You have the freedom to grow: A home care franchise goes beyond personal satisfaction and rewards though. It extends to the professional and business side of things. For example, you will never be limited in terms of how many clients you can take on and your growth will be a cause and consequence of your efforts.

It’s a recession-proof, proven business model: A very compelling reason to opt for a home care franchise is that these types of businesses are built on success and have therefore proven to be successful. The reason for this is that they’re built on recession-proof business models which means that they can weather economic storms. This goes hand in hand with your profitability as an entrepreneur and should offer you much more peace of mind than if you were to start from scratch.

It will never be a 9 to 5 job: A franchise care business will never be a 9 to 5 job no matter what. You or your Registered Care Manager will be in charge of your staff, ensuring smooth transition and running of the business to facilitate better service delivery. You’ll get to know each of your clients, their particular needs, habits and personal characteristics. This means you’ll never sit behind a desk pushing paper. Instead, you’ll be in the people business and you can shine.

Favourable financing options: When it comes to the nitty gritty of financing your operations, it’s important to remember that banks and financial institutions look favourably upon franchises as opposed to new start-ups. The reason for this is twofold. Firstly, start-ups on the whole are perceived as being much more high risk than a franchise operation and they tend to fail more often than not in the first two to five years of operations. Secondly, lenders look at franchises more favourably because they offer much more stability and a proven business model with a solid track record.

Strong support system: A non-medical senior care business also gives franchisees the ability and opportunity to grow and learn without the challenges associated with trial and error. Your franchisor will have a vested interest in your success and will accordingly not only offer you training to help you get started but also ensure that you get all the support you need to make a success of your business.
There are low-cost investment options: If you think that a care business for sale necessarily involves high expenses and an even higher investment, you can think again. The truth is that there are affordable care franchise opportunities available on the market that you can choose from in terms of your budget and preferences.
It involves less risk: Finally, you may consider buying a care franchise because of the lower levels of risk that are associated with this business type. You’ll start on solid ground and work your way up the profitability ladder all while enjoying high levels of demand for your services, a strong clientele and so much more to take you far.


Start your own home care franchise today!

Choosing to buy a home care franchise is possibly the best decision you will make for yourself – on a personal, professional and business level. 

This step comes with a wide number of benefits that the downsides are practically negligible. 

It’s probably the decision that will give you fulfilment and joy as you embark on engaging with your community, getting to know the various members on a personal level and all the while ensuring that you can benefit from the financial side of your operations.


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