Change lives for the better and make a good living as a Walfinch franchisee

Start your own local home care business with training, support and guidance from Walfinch

“We carry a great responsibility to people in our local community who need our help, but there comes with that a great sense of pride. It’s a very rewarding business.”

Sarah Wickham – Managing Director, Franchisee, Suffolk Coastal

We’re different: at Walfinch we aim to provide home care that people want, rather than simply what they need. We’re growing, and we are looking for people to join us.

If you want the personal and financial rewards that come from running your own business providing bespoke visiting and live-in care at home, talk to us. We have the business and care expertise to help you start and succeed in this fast-growing sector.

As a Walfinch franchisee you will become Managing Director of your own branch, with your team of carers helping local people lead healthy, happy, independent lives.

As a Walfinch franchisee you can

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The opportunity

Almost 12m people in the UK are aged 65 and over, 5.5m are 75+ and 1.6m are 85+. All these figures are growing and will continue to do so. Does m need to be long hand, as million?

An estimated 4 million older adults in the UK have a limiting long-standing illness, equating to 40% of all people aged 65+ (Age UK, 2019, quoting research by Horsfield, 2017). It is estimated that this will rise to over 6m older people by 2030.

But the care market is not limited to older people. Walfinch also cares for working age adults with a specialist care needs, so our franchisees enjoy a variety of business streams, making for better business stability. The demand for care services exponentially surpasses supply and is rising.

There are always people who require care, and with Walfinch you could be the one to provide it.

You take charge of your own success supported by the expertise of a franchisor which provides comprehensive training, ongoing support, proven back-office systems, and an established referrals pipeline. As a Managing Director of your own office, you’ll be one of a network of existing franchisees who support each other.

“It is a continuous growth sector and I am enjoying growing my business within it!”

Greg Renk, Managing Director, Mid & South Buckinghamshire

Benefits of being a Walfinch franchisee

Next steps

We believe a franchise is a two-way relationship, so it’s really important we get to know each other and that each party comes to an informed decision.

Our recruitment steps are:

1. Contact us

You fill out our online enquiry form, or give us a call and we’ll email it to you.

2. An introduction

We will arrange an exploratory conversation followed by an invitation to meet at our offices or online.

3. Training and development

Once a decision is made we will arrange for you to join our next training programme.

4. You’re in business!

Case studies

Existing franchisees share testimonials and details of their own success

Cameron Campbell​

One of the brand’s earliest franchisees, and its youngest, 22-year-old Cameron Campbell describes how he came to choose a franchise with Walfinch as his route to business ownership.

Sarah Wickham

Sarah had her first taste of domiciliary care 24 years ago. Asked to step into a management role with a nursing and care provider, the passion and variety of the care sector sparked an instant love for it.
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