Case Study - Ian Thompson

Walfinch Welwyn and Bishop’s Stortford

Ian Thompson, Managing Director of Walfinch Welwyn and Bishop's Stortford with wife Amy and dog Luna!

Listen to Ian's Story

What were you doing before joining Walfinch?

“I didn’t have any experience in the care sector. I first trained as a lawyer and then got a job trading equities in London. My days would be very long, with a big commute, leaving little time to spend with my wife and 3 young boys.”

How quickly has your business grown?

“I started the business in 2021 and it was just me back then. I now have over 30 staff and we’re on track to turnover upwards of £1 million in 2023.

How is the support from head office?

“There is a team there of experts in their field and I can go to them with anything, whether that’s marketing, compliance, or operations. Above all else, there is emotional support as well for when things are going wrong.”

How has joining Walfinch impacted your personal life?

“Amy and I have 3 young children and they’re into all sports. I wanted to be around for more of that. Since beginning work with Walfinch that has certainly happened. I’m around for a lot more of those moments that previously I wasn’t when I was working in the City, working a structured long day, it just wasn’t possible.”