Your Support: Be a Successful Business Owner

Access specialist support from home care experts.

You’ll Never Feel Alone

Starting a business and coming into a new sector can be daunting. Don’t waste time on testing new things. You deserve success straight away. 

Watch this video to listen to Ian Thompson, Managing Director of Walfinch Welwyn and Bishop’s Stortford, talk about the support you’ll get.

Your Specialist Support

You get support around everything including Training, Planning, and business development. 

Marketing Support to Get New Clients

One of the biggest challenges when you start a business is getting new clients. At Walfinch, you have access to a marketing support team who are experts at helping you use Google, social media and other marketing channels to generate business.

Business Development Support to Grow Your Business

If you don’t have any experience running a business it can be worrying at first. At Walfinch, you have franchise support managers who will help you reach profitability quickly and sustainably. We’ll also help you recruit someone who has experience in the day to day running of a home care business.

Compliance Support to get you to Outstanding

Home care is a regulated sector and a poorrating from your regulator can damage your reputation. At Walfinch, you get a dedicated quality and compliance manager to make sure you always get a positive rating and stay ahead of the competition.We aim to get over 70% to outstanding and the national average is 4%. All franchisees inspected this year are rated good or above!

Coming into the care sector is daunting if you haven’t worked in it before. However, you don’t need a background in care because at Walfinch you’ll have an initial face to face training programme designed to prepare you for running your business. You’ll also have
regular ongoing workshops to keep you up to
date on industry trends.

Starting a business is expensive and you can run into unexpected costs. At Walfinch, you can access start up funding from banks or the Government to help you get started. Your support team will help you use this funding to make your business profitable as quickly as possible.

If you don’t have any experience running a
business it can be worrying at first. At Walfinch, you have franchise support managers who will help you reach profitability quickly and sustainably.

Starting a business isn’t just about the here and now. It’s also about what you want for the future. At Walfinch, you’ll have coaching sessions with your support team to make sure you’re building a profitable asset you can sell when you’re ready.

Next Steps

  1. Book a call and come to see us
  2. Choose an area and go through our robust training
  3. Start your own homecare business and join our network

Avoid Costly Mistakes and Grow a Successful Business

When you set up a business alone it can be costly doing market research, finding the right suppliers and getting the right support.  With Walfinch, all of this is already done for you.  It took Ian only 3 years to reach £1 million in turnover and 30 staff.

Included in the franchise package

Exclusive rights to your territory

Your own microsite on the Walfinch website

5 day Stage 1 training programme for up to 2 Directors

Accommodation and breakfast near our office for Stage 1 training

5 day Stage 2 training programme for up to 2 Directors

1 VOIP phone & set up

A2 Laminated Territory Map

Roller Banner

Preparation for application for licence from the relevant care sector regulator

Sourcing CVs for one Registered Manager

Office Window Vinyl

250 Business cards
250 A5 Flyers

Included in franchise package for the first year (excluding VAT)

Document signing software for 1 user

CRM Integration & monthly cost for 1 user

Social Media marketing platform for 1 user

IT support for 1 user

Membership of the Home Care Association, which includes HR advice

Carer rostering software
for 1 user

VOIP line rental for 1 phone

On top of all the perks provided by Walfinch, every franchisee is provided with Email service for up to 3 users.