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All care providers must meet consistently high standards, which is why the care sector is highly regulated. One reason for starting a care business with a franchise rather than setting up on your own is that as a franchisee, you get the help of experienced specialists like the Walfinch franchise support team.

Amrit Dhaliwal, Managing Director​​

Amrit Dhaliwal, Chief Executive Officer

As a former care sector franchisee myself, I understand the excitement – and trepidation - you are feeling now about setting up your care business. I know what support you need, and how to make a success of it.

I also know the personal and financial rewards that a care business can bring. As a former franchisee with another domiciliary care franchise, I built my franchise into a £1 million turnover business, developed a valued core team of 70, and won the Franchisee of the Year award, all within four years.

Prior to my care business, I transformed an Italian deli into a restaurant, then created a successful tea shop. Both won awards – evidence that I know how to deliver great client experiences and manage happy teams to create a thriving business.

As a Walfinch franchisee you’ll benefit from my business skills and care sector experience. I have learnt first-hand what works – and what doesn’t - so you minimise the likelihood of mistakes and maximise your chances of success.

In the next decade I plan to grow Walfinch to have over 200 offices across the UK, revenues of over £200m, and to be the UK’s leading quality care provider. We are already on the way – and we can help you to come with us.

Carla van Wyk, Head of Operations

Carla van Wyk, Head of Operations

In the care sector, high-quality service is dependent on efficient operations and I help your business achieve those. I can guide you to build your business to ensure long-term profitability, and provide advice and help with implementing company strategy and policy.

I’ll help you focus on key areas such as business development and commerciality, so I will help you spot opportunities for improvement, growth and profitability, and recommend actions that reflect an understanding of what drives your business.

On a broader front, my role includes overseeing all Walfinch’s operational documentation and ensuring that consistent, efficient workflows are in place to ensure optimal performance and productivity.

I work closely with the Walfinch team to meet company objectives, inspiring teams with clear direction, honest feedback and mentoring, which generates a culture of empowerment, positivity, and a desire for success.

Amanda Keeler, Compliance and Quality Officer

I have over 18 years’ experience of working in health and social care. This has given me an in-depth of knowledge of how to manage and quality-audit domiciliary care services and to effectively co-ordinate their operation systems.

I am committed to ensuring people who use our service receive bespoke, personalised care and to safeguard them from unsafe care practices. That is why I am responsible for planning, implementing and overseeing programmes of risk management, to ensure our franchise network evaluate risks in the community effectively.

I directly support our franchisees to ensure they adhere to statutory regulations, by meeting the fundamental standards set out by regulators such as the Care Quality Commission. I do this by measuring against the five domains of the key lines of enquiries that apply to the health and social care sector. I ensure there is a high quality of care delivered to people using our service. This supports the franchise network to promote an open culture of compliance thorough skills training and one-to-one support. I also lead the internal compliance audits, so as a franchisee you can be sure that I will work with you to meet the highest standards.

Roxy Visser, Franchise Operations Manager

I am one of the first people that you will meet as a new Walfinch franchisee, as I lead the franchise onboarding team.

I pride myself on having a naturally calm, rational, and collaborative approach, so you can feel confident talking to me about any issues when starting your Walfinch franchise.

I’ve got extensive knowledge of business legislation and regulations, and I’ll be providing you with all the vital information, guidance, and tools for successful registration with the care sector regulators.

I also train franchisees on our systems and software.

Once your franchise is established, you will still benefit from my expertise, because I set and implement policies, procedures, and systems.

Louise Vermeulen, Franchise Communications and Support Manager

I lead and manage the franchisee support hub, so once you have come on board with us, I’m the person to call about any general support you need. I love working with people and you will have the benefit of my experience of support roles in many sectors.

I’m also responsible for the design and application of efficient processes to ensure smooth business operations, so, with the help of our franchise operations manual, I will support you in building and maintaining an efficient business.

I’ll be getting you started on your marketing, including social media, and offer ongoing support with these tasks, and I also do all the network communications so I can direct you to the right person in head office to get things done.

Mark Thornton, Community Relations Manager

I got involved in social care when I paused my IT career to provide help for my mother. It was to have been short-term light social support but evolved into dementia support.

It gave me a passion for supporting people to carry on living successfully in their own homes, whether they be our elderly community or other adults. I know what an incredibly rewarding role this is.

I began as a franchisee with my own local care company which I built and grew for six years, then sold for family reasons – but after a brief absence from the sector I found I was unable to leave it behind, so here I am back in the care industry.

I bring with me my experience as a carer and as a franchisee, so I understand a lot about your life as a franchisee and the lives of your clients. I offer my experience to help you create a high-quality care business.

Simon Mills, Franchise Advisor and Business Coach

I’m a former franchisee who built my own franchise territory supplying 165 retailers, and I went on to resell the business, so I know the kind of issues you will face as a franchisee – and the huge rewards that come with running a successful business.

I have extensive experience in franchise recruitment and coaching, so I will be providing the coaching that will help you develop your teams and business profitably. I will pass on my expertise in executive management and leadership, strategic planning and forecasting, consulting and mentoring, and franchise recruitment and training.

I have worked with many franchises in many sectors, in one case coaching and training over 30 franchisees in one initial launch – so my coaching is not just theoretical. You will benefit from my extensive personal experience.

I’ve been consultant with leading UK franchise consultancies and now run my own consultancy, and I am a British Franchise Association Qualified Franchise Professional.