Career Pathway Programme Launched for New Carers

In a bid to boost recruitment of new carers into the industry, homecare specialist, Walfinch, has launched a new professional career pathway programme for frontline carers.

With adult social care across the country facing a recruitment challenge, having been added to the ‘UK’s shortage occupation list’*1, and an estimated 122,000 full-time equivalent vacancies*2, Walfinch has launched its pathway programme that gives people the opportunity to enter the profession and receive training, NVQ qualifications, in addition to an opportunity to launch their own homecare franchise at reduced investment, based on length of service, for those with entrepreneurial aspirations.

The programme culminates in offering Walfinch-employed carers the opportunity to take ownership of their own Walfinch franchise if they choose, yet for a reduced percentage of the fee for each year of active frontline care they have provided – up to a 50% reduction in return for five years of service. 

Explains Amrit Dhaliwal, CEO of Walfinch: “We know that demand for home-based care is increasing across the country, yet recruitment of carers remains a prominent challenge across our industry. It is however, a very flexible, rewarding career that offers great scope for progression. Our professional career pathway programme gives carers the option of turning their rewarding job into a future business opportunity if they choose; taking ownership of their own care franchise. 

“Many of our existing registered managers started as carers and they cannot emphasize enough just how rewarding the work is: the people you meet, the work you do – the satisfaction of supporting individuals in your community is highly rewarding.

“For those starting a career in care, they are guaranteed access to a flexible job where qualifications aren’t the primary focus: instead, a caring, dedicated attitude with a willingness to learn is what we look for. To have the opportunity to then progress into a management position, or potentially run your own branch through our programme, demonstrates that there are real career prospects available.”

Sarah Wickham, managing director of Walfinch Suffolk Coastal is a living example of how to climb the care career ladder. Having started as a care professional herself, she progressed to care home management and now operates two Walfinch homecare branches: “I love care. My experience of providing care in people’s own homes and care homes has given me invaluable knowledge. Even after more than 20 years in the care sector I love the variety that each day brings and I am still passionate about delivering care with empathy and compassion to the local community.”

For more information about the career pathway programme, to discuss current vacancies or to find out more about the range of home-based care services available from Walfinch visit: or