Walfinch Franchisee Celebrates Carer’s Good Turn that gave Dorothy, 80, her Appetite Back

When Dorothy Bowen, 80, was reluctant to eat, her carer Rosina Davies stepped in with a treat that got Dorothy’s appetite back. In return, Rosina received a treat herself.

“Dorothy was hesitant about eating and she was losing weight,” says Sally-Ann Martin, owner and Managing Director of the Walfinch homecare franchise that covers Halesowen and Redditch.

When Dorothy said she was longing for a cheeseburger, Rosina, 27,  saw a chance to help.

“I popped out and brought her back a cheeseburger for lunch, and we sat and ate together,” says Rosina. “Now we have lunch together regularly, and it has helped Dorothy get her appetite back. She’s not losing weight anymore.”

Seeing carers going the extra mile for their clients is one of the major rewards of being a Walfinch franchisee, says Sally-Ann, who swapped into the care sector from a career in banking.  “It was not the first time Rosina has gone the extra mile for our clients,” says Sally-Ann, who presented Rosina with a Carer of the Quarter Award – a ‘pamper hamper’ of bath treats and Costa vouchers for coffee and food.

“At Walfinch our carer induction training stresses the importance of listening to clients and encouraging them to talk about their history. It means our carers can understand more about who the client is and what they want. It helps us provide truly person-centred care, which is what all Walfinch franchisees want to see.”

Sally-Ann also encourages carers to play the kind of music that clients enjoy, including songs they remember from their early life. “It helps people often open up. Sometimes they tell us stories that are astonishing,” says Sally. “One lady told us about decoding enemy messages during World War II.”

Many clients have children with senior jobs. “The family needs reassurance that their loved ones are in safe hands, which is what the Walfinch service offers,” says Sally-Ann, who has a team of 15 carers and about 40 clients.

For clients with no family, at holidays such as Christmas, Sally-Ann cooks celebration meals. “We make sure they get their Christmas pud and presents too,” says Sally-Ann. “They are delivered by their carers, who sit and chat with them throughout the meal, so it’s fun for carers too,”

Caring for carers

Sally-Ann believes client care starts with caring for her team. “As well as presenting gifts to carers who go the extra mile, we hold regular events to reward the team and celebrate all of their birthdays. At Walfinch we believe a happy team means happy clients!”

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