Winning care for Mothers’ Day with the Walfinch Mum Test

Sarah Wileshas been named as the Walfinch Mum Test winner as part of Walfinch homecare’s celebration of Mothers’ Day.

Sarah,a carer with the Walfinch homecare team in Kingston and Weybridge, received the accolade for embodying Walfinch homecare’s commitment to the Mum Test.

The Mum Test is at the heart of Walfinch’s care.

Amrit Dhaliwal, Chief Executive of the Walfinch homecare franchise, says: “When deciding what care is best, how it should be delivered and who should deliver it, we always ask ourselves: ‘Would I like this for my own mum?’” Amrit calls this the Mum Test, and all of Walfinch’s hundreds of carers in its offices across the country, have been recruited and trained with this in mind.

Tracy Lezar, who co-owns the Walfinch Kingston and Weybridge office with Kathleen Plough, says Sarah shows the Mum Test values in practice.

Tracy says: “Sarah started with us in July 2022 as a mum to two young boys. When she managed to get her youngest into school three days a week she felt she could try to get back to work. 

“She has been an amazing carer to all our clients. She is consistent with her three days a week and gives up family time every other weekend to do weekend shifts for us, while her husband cares for the family. 

“She is just such a pleasure to work with – calm, in control and very relaxed about the bespoke care she delivers to our clients. She is always the carer that will offer extra shifts when someone cannot make a call, and a huge team player.

“We feel Sarah is a true ambassador of the “Mum Test.”

Sarah says: “As a woman, I think the love and desire to look after people is in our DNA. I started my career in caring after I had my boys. I love being a mum of boys and I think they prepared me for my next chapter in life, in caring.

“I started my career in care as it worked around my responsibilities as a mum, but never did I think it would take hold of me as it has. The colleagues and clients I have met have made my transition back to work an easy next step. I am so enjoying what I do and one day I hope my boys will look back and be proud of the mother and woman they helped create!”

Walfinch ensures that its care teams are looked after too.

Amrit says: “We know that happy carers deliver quality care, so we pay our carers well and offer them training, careers and a sense of being part of a valued team.”

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