Are senior care franchises worth it?

Senior care franchises are on the rise in the industry and there’s a good reason for this. They offer franchisees a cornucopia of benefits that few other franchise opportunities provide. A home care franchise is a service that’s typically provided to senior citizens by non-medical staff in the comfort of their own homes. The reasons for this? It’s because there’s a growing demand by senior citizens to enjoy the comfort and familiar surroundings of living at home as opposed to the stress and discomfort associated with living in an assisted living facility. If you’re considering pursuing one of several care franchises in the UK and you’re wondering if they’re worth it, we take you through some of the main benefits below. Let’s get started. 


The benefits of starting a non-medical home care franchise

Senior care franchise opportunities abound and the reason for this is that they can be highly rewarding for aspiring entrepreneurs. One of the first things that any home care franchisee will tell you is that it’s a highly rewarding experience. Being a part of people’s lives and contributing to making them better – there are few substitutes for the feeling. But apart from this, what else makes a senior care franchise worth it? Here are a couple of the main reasons to consider.

Low barriers to entry: the first and possibly least prohibiting aspect of starting a senior care franchise is the low barriers to entry. It is the nature of the business to provide care to senior citizens in their homes. As a result, there is no need for renting office space and ensuring that you have land or buildings to accommodate them. It’s a matter of employing the right staff and ensuring that their remuneration and other benefits are adhered to in terms of the law.

They’re quick to launch: the speed with which you can launch a home care franchise for senior citizens is astounding. Especially if you partner with a franchisor who is well established in the industry already. These franchisors will be able to teach you the ropes regarding all aspects of running your business and this means that you will benefit from a strong support system and network of like-minded entrepreneurs.

No experience required: apart from the Registered Manager that you have to appoint to run your senior care business for you, you require no additional experience such as being a trained or qualified nurse or anything related to that. Of course, there are some home care franchises that offer medical care, but in most cases, this is not a requirement or a necessity.

High returns: a further reason why senior care franchises are worth it is the high returns that you can enjoy. With the low-cost entry barriers, and the franchisor’s support, you can break even within just a couple of months and, depending on the number of clients you serve and in which areas, you’ll be able to take advantage of a plethora of opportunities made available to you.

A growing market: even more lucrative in this business is the fact that there is a growing market for home care services for seniors. This is because there is an entire ageing population that prefers to spend the rest of their days at home with a home care assistant to help them with daily tasks. Due to this high demand, there will never be a shortage of clients. In fact, research shows that the market is only set to grow.

Business support is provided: perhaps the most fundamental reason for pursuing senior care franchises for sale is the overwhelming amount of support that you will receive from the franchisor. From marketing and advertising to finding your clients and helping ensure your success, there’s never been a better time to be in business in the home care industry. What’s more is that due to the fact that many start-ups fail in their first few years of operation whereas this is not the case with franchisees, you’re also likely to gain better access to financing all while ensuring you benefit from the expertise that the franchisor has built up in the industry as well as their extensive network of franchisees who you can always lean on.


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