Own a home care franchise. Own your time.

Own a home care franchise. 

Own your time.

Thinking about running your own business?

Walfinch franchisees and support team at the Walfinch Annual Conference

“I’m following the franchise plan to a T and the result is that the business has grown hugely since year 1. Year 2, I doubled it. Year 3, nearly again.”

Greg Renk, Managing Director, Walfinch Mid & South Buckinghamshire

The Walfinch Franchise System

Don’t waste your time and money experimenting with different approaches around compliance, business development, and marketing.

We’ve made the mistakes and have built a system with these in mind which means you’ll reach profitability much sooner than if you set up alone.

Home care is a rare opportunity to make a genuine difference to your local community while building a profitable and future-proof business which will attract lots of interest when you’re ready to sell.

Dr Jane Townson MBE, CEO of the Homecare Association at the Walfinch Annual Conference

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